Robert Dugoni – Creating Plots For Page Turners

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Writing
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This was unexpected. I attended all of Robert Dugoni’s lectures at ThrillerFest 2014. He’s such an amplified and charismatic speaker, that he typically wonders away from the mic and “does his thing”. I took a copious amount of notes during his classes. I’m still going through them. And amazingly, I was able to find the audio CD of one of his lectures. I’m about to order it because everything he said in that class charged lightbulbs in my head. In fact, after this class, I ran up to my room and worked on my own manuscript. There were new things to look for, new things to make it stronger. This is one not to miss.

Check it out:
Robert Dugoni – Creating Plots For Page Turners

And don’t forget – his newest novel, My Sister’s Grave comes out in a few weeks.
Page link: My Sister’s Grave.
It’s a good time to advance order your copy. I certainly will.

Just because we’re authors doesn’t mean we’re not fans too. I have a suitcase of authors I love to read 🙂

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