The Majorana Particle

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Science and Technology
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I need share with you another side of me. I’m a closet nerd. Well, maybe not closet anymore. I write about science and technology and I’m a senior software engineer in the healthcare industry. So another one of the categories I’ve created to write under is the ‘Science and Technology’ list.
This news caught my eye. Quick aside – when people ask me about what I do when I have writer’s block, I scoff. Writer’s block? With so many new and fantastic scientific discoveries taking place daily, there’s so much to write about, how can you be stifled?
I read about the discovery of the Majorana Particle. This is a particle that is matter and it’s also its own antimatter. How neat is that? The implications are staggering. Like neutrino’s, they barely interact with matter. Neutrino’s pass through the earth all the time because they can. But something that is a little more in between can be controllable. Which is something we humans like.
The Majorana Particle may help in finalizing the quantum computing puzzle. Partly because we could potentially control it.
Yeah, I’m a little scattered in this post because I’m just too excited about this.
Think of possible stories you could build around the discovery, or better yet, if you were the scientist who figured out how to control them. Would you quickly be surrounded by good guys or bad guys? Or a little of both?

But read the article first. Get your own takeaway from what it says.
And most of all, love the science! If we don’t embrace it, the bad guys will….
Check it out:
The Majorana Particle

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