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Robert is a New York Times and #1 Amazon Bestselling author. I met him last year at ThrillerFest. My good friend Todd Gerber said to me “you really have to see this guy. he’s amazing.” Todd has never steered me wrong. So I went to his class. I was so jazzed after his class that I skipped the next track, ran up to my room and wrote for an hour. Incorporating all the exciting points Bob had just relayed to us.


So what happened next? I scoured the CraftFest schedule and found him teaching another class at 7 p.m. Friday night. Here I am in NYC. Friday night. I’ve been in the Grand Hyatt all week. I really wanted to get out a little. But after attending Bob’s first class, there was no doubt what I was going to do. I went to his class.

I’m a better writer because of him. But there’s great news. Although Bob was not able to attend the first portion of ThrillerFest this year due to other obligations, and you can’t download one of his classes from VM Tapes, you can visit him on his site and follow the class he put together specifically to help make YOU a better writer.

Check it out: Novel Writing Intensive Class

What is that stupid saying, “those that teach, don’t do”? Something like that?
Well, it’s clearly wrong in this case.
Robert Dugoni can write. His latest book is an absolute hit. It’s one thing selling a lot of books, but when you really enjoyed it, you leave a review. He has almost 8 thousand reviews on this one book! Amazing.

This is a book you need to own. Buy it here: My Sister’s Grave

One last thing. Bob is a great guy. So personable. Even when I ran into him on the street in NYC, he comes up, knows your name and shakes your hand. We joked about what we had to bring our kids back from New York. He’s awesome. If you don’t buy his books or attend his writing class, root for him. He deserves it.

ThrillerFest is the annual conference of the International Thriller Writers. A community with over 3,000 members in 28 countries and nearly 3 billion books in print!


This was my third year attending the conference and I couldn’t be any happier. For the second year in a row I attended the Master CraftFest class which is an 8 hour, intensive course examining your work with an ultra successful author in a class of only 10. And let me tell you, you learn a great deal from this one day event.

But that’s not all.

That was just Tuesday of last week. The next day and a half you have hours of tracks and classes by a variety of instructors. And let me tell you, there not just any authors giving instruction. They’re Best Selling authors giving you the goods on what they’ve learned over time.

Steve Berry, Peter James, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell, Andrew Gross, James Scott Bell….geez. The list goes on and on. To see a list of all authors, go to their website: ThrillerFest.

And that’s not all.

The second half of Thursday gets you the opportunity to pitch to many, many agents looking for authors. Even if an agent is not interested, most of the time you will learn something new about your book, your story and how to tell it/sell it to others. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned just trying to pitch my work to an agent.

But….there’s more.

Then ThrillerFest starts. It’s two days of panels and interviews, coupling some of the greatest Thriller authors we have on this planet.


It is like drinking from a fire hydrant of knowledge. Half the time I’m scratching down notes from the instructor/author and the other half I’m scratching notes to address all the new ideas they’ve helped me spawn in a session.

If I could only go to one conference, ever, I would chose ThrillerFest.

BTW, I volunteered this year to help the organization. If you attended ThrillerFest 2015 – and another BTW, it was their 10th year, I probably handed you your swag bag full of books, water bottles and a hat.

Come empty handed because you’ll be buying books galore to have your favorite authors sign them.

If you’re into Thrillers, this is the BEST place to go.

I’ll be posting more on the individual authors and experiences I had this year. Too much to cover in one short post.

See ya soon,


So proud of Robert Dugoni. As I sat and listened to him teach us at ThrillerFest this last July, I knew he was already a bestseller, but to see him hit #1 on Amazon, I am extremely happy for him. What he was teaching us was so clear and easy even I could understand it. Like I’ve confessed in an earlier post, after one of his classes, I ran up to my room in the Conference hotel and started shaking my latest manuscript around with the new found knowledge. And it was fun!
I’ve already signed up for next year’s ThrillerFest, with the added bonus of volunteering to help the organization, and can hardly wait to sit in one of his classes again.
Some people teach and some people do, but he does both. I’ve already purchased my copy and have it queued up to read after my current book. But I can hardly wait. It has consistently gotten 4.5 stars out of almost a thousand reviews.
Found this nice interview with him talking about My Sister’s Grave.
Check it out.
Robert Dugoni – My Sister’s Grave

Just a little proof that’s he’s on #1. At least at the time of this post. I’m hoping it continues for such a great guy.
Check it out:
Amazon Best Seller List

This was unexpected. I attended all of Robert Dugoni’s lectures at ThrillerFest 2014. He’s such an amplified and charismatic speaker, that he typically wonders away from the mic and “does his thing”. I took a copious amount of notes during his classes. I’m still going through them. And amazingly, I was able to find the audio CD of one of his lectures. I’m about to order it because everything he said in that class charged lightbulbs in my head. In fact, after this class, I ran up to my room and worked on my own manuscript. There were new things to look for, new things to make it stronger. This is one not to miss.

Check it out:
Robert Dugoni – Creating Plots For Page Turners

And don’t forget – his newest novel, My Sister’s Grave comes out in a few weeks.
Page link: My Sister’s Grave.
It’s a good time to advance order your copy. I certainly will.

Just because we’re authors doesn’t mean we’re not fans too. I have a suitcase of authors I love to read 🙂

Another fantastic new acquaintance – Robert Dugoni. And silly me forgot to get a selfie with him. 😦 I was chatting with a friend of mine (Todd Gerber) in David Morrell’s MasterClass session at ThrillerFest, and he told me he couldn’t wait to sit in Bob’s session. I was intrigued. Knowing that ThrillerFest was fat with fantastic authors helping/teaching and sharing their knowledge, I looked him up. A New York Times Bestselling author. Okay. Let’s try it. – I was amazed. He was so clear and charismatic. Everything he said made sense to me. Light bulbs and connections in my brain were firing and flashing like mad. It was so helpful I ran up to my room and worked on my own book for the next hour. I felt like I made marked improvements with the new found knowledge. The good news is he was teaching a second class at ThrillerFest.
The lucky dozen – I think there were only 12 of us sitting there at 9 o’clock on a Friday night in New York City, ingesting a wonderful load of ideas and hints. Bob even ran over the time allotted because he cares about writing and teaching. It was soooo worth it.
I had to grab one of his books and found he was every bit of the writer as he was the teacher. His new book comes out Nov. 1st. Check him out:
Robert Dugoni