Catherine Coulter

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Writing
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Peppi Vecchio
Catherine Coulter has written 70 novels, with 66 of them hitting the New York Times bestsellers list. Originally known for her historical romances, she started writing suspense thrillers, and with great success. I met Catherine in an elevator at ThrillerFest 9 in New York. She stood quietly in the back, a handful of something or others clung to her chest and she had sunglasses or dark glasses on. I didn’t recognize her at first. But couldn’t help but think this chic woman was important. Then she reached out her hand and introduced herself. As she exited the elevator I couldn’t help but count through all the FBI suspense titles I’d recently seen of hers in the bookstore.
Later in the conference, I had the chance to attend one of her lectures. Before it started she went around and introduced herself to each and every attendee. Magnificent. She did everything with a smile and grace. I hadn’t previously read anything of hers, but quickly sought out Bombshell. It was excellent.
During her class, she introduced me as the man she had sex with her in the elevator earlier. Of course it was all in fun, but she has a grand sense of humor. After that, she certainly had a fan for life.
Check her out: Catherine Coulter

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