Margie Lawson

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Writing
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Peppi Vecchio
I had read about Margie Lawson on the Internet. Randy Ingermanson is a big fan. Most anyone he pointed me towards turned out to be beneficial. So I kept an eye out for her. I had heard about Margie from other writers too. Then one day, I’m at the Florida Writers Association Conference in Orlando, FL (where I live) and who turns out to be teaching a class? Margie! In one 50 minutes lecture, I took as many notes as I could and committed as much to memory as possible. There was gold in her words. Her ideas about visceral actions sticks with me today. She has many other online writing courses you can choose from, and I plan on digesting all of them. Her teaching applies to many genre’s, not just thrillers. I would love to hear from anyone else who have attended one of her lectures and tell me what they thought.

Check it out: Margie Lawson

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