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I found this interesting article, This blood test can tell you every virus you’ve ever had.

Very interesting advancement for the health industry. Although this test won’t help you out of any current issue, it’s interesting to note that it can help you look at your virus history. Antibodies build up as a defense against them. Since they remain in the body, its like a log or history of any one of the 206 known viruses to affect humans.

But here’s the writing twist. How can you make this latest news a story?

What if the test discovered a new antibody, not attached to any known virus. And every other human has it? Is this a pending disaster? What could trigger an outbreak? Is it deadly? What if your loved one had it and you did not?

Oh, you could really twist a great deal of conflicts and motivations behind something like this. And you know what I like about it? It’s REAL. It’s not just science fiction. The science behind it is real. The threat is imagined, but I really like illuminating science news with a little drama. It makes it interesting. When I read articles like this my head spins with story ideas. I would love to see more authors do this.

We use a lot of investigative science to solve crimes. Why not science that creates problems?

James Rollins does some nice work. I’m certainly a big fan of his use of science. Not bad for a former vet. With the unbelievable rate of advances in the scientific community, I’m a little surprised I don’t see more. This fascinates me and we can write it correctly, I’d bet we could fascinate others.

The Ancient Alaskan…

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Writing
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I just dig stories like this. For writers it can sound a little cliche. The northern ice melts, something scary is uncovered and suddenly there’s a problem.
But what I like about this story is that it’s real. Ancient infant remains found at a particularly well preserved burial site. Here’s where the writer in me comes out. What if the discovery also found an ancient relic or object that seems out of place or out of time? As if its symbol was tied to another culture on the other side of the planet and only showed up in history some several thousand years later?
What if we were able to extract DNA from this innocent child to find some new discovery in ourselves? What if it unleashed a terrible virus and no one in our time had immunity?
I know, this is not some super original idea. But I have this habit of having to tie everything back to something that actually could happen. I have always been a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy, but these days I need something a little more real. I need discoveries like this to keep it honest.
And who knows? Maybe the scientists did uncover something out of the ordinary and haven’t told us about it. Perhaps they’re already in the adventure of a lifetime. The Ancient Alaskan…
Check it out:
The Ancient Alaskan

So this posted science news I found was a little creepy. At first. The gist of it is that scientists were able to transmit signals from one person, port them over the internet and into the brain of another person and control the other person’s hand – within a split second of sending the signal.
I immediately began thinking of the implications and ramifications of work like this. Imagine using this kind of technology to murder someone through someone else’s body. I know, it’s not the first time this kind of idea has been spawned. But now there’s actual science behind it. It’s not complete science fiction.
Then I started to think about the movie Avatar. This would pretty much do most of it. You could create a biologic “shell” and live vicariously through it (somewhat). But that’s pretty far off. I’m more of a what-can-happen-in-the-next-few-days-or-months kind of guy.
And what of the scientists that created this amazing experiment? What might other unworthy powers want from them? A dying rich recluse…a desperate government that hatches a nefarious plan to take down a rival?
Oh, you could spin a million ideas around this. And like I said, it’s not science fiction any more. It’s science fact.

Check it out:
Direct brain interface between humans