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So how can I make parts of myself invisible with a do-it-yourself kit? Easy. Follow the link below. Researchers from the University of Rochester have made this trick simple. Perhaps they’ve just made some Magic secret public, but it sure is fascinating. It’s really a way of aligning several lenses to focus around an area and retrieve the background image unimpeded. But you have to see the pictures and video in the link. In this case the pictures and video are worth a thousand words.
Why do I share these scientific advances? Because in each one of them I find great uses for our writing. In this particular case, what if you built something like this to put in front of a security camera? Would it work? I don’t know for sure, but it would be an interesting and simple way to not be seen by the camera. You wouldn’t have to break into the facility and doctor the tape or put some loop in there to fool the ever-watchful guards.
It’s an easy way to make a cloaking device. I’m sure there are other, far more notorious ideas you could come up with on how to use a device like this. So think about it.
I like how these types of advances can be illuminated by our writing and get into the hands of those who not only like to read a good thriller, mystery or action novel, but actually pick up something on the way. And finding a way to turn invisible? Very cool.

Check it out:
Cloaking device