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Happy Holidays!

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Books, Writing

I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone! Having a terrific year with the sales of The Carrington Event doing better than expected. But as an added treat, I’m making the electronic version just $0.99 this week!

The next book in the series is coming along nicely. In fact, I’m doing backflips after I complete every chapter because there’s some great twists and turns in there that are surprising even me. And I’m writing the darn thing…

I’ll also be posting some of my American Ninja Warrior training videos soon. I’ve turned up the training to help get my submission video tuned just right and will do everything I can to make the list early next year. Last year’s call from the Network putting me on the short list was hopeful, but you can’t use hope to buy groceries. I want the chance to compete. So stay tuned for updates over the next few months concerning the selection process.


New Excerpt!

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Books

I couldn’t contain myself. I just had to post the first chapter of my new book.
Check it out: The Carrington Event

Genetic Impulse

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Books

Peppi Vecchio

If you don’t know me already…my name is Peppi Vecchio and I’m the author of two thriller novels. The first one is titled Genetic Impulse. It’s a 90K word thriller and you can find an excerpt and synopsis HERE. My second book, The Carrington Event is almost complete. I will be publishing an excerpt and synopsis shortly.

Now for the fun…I’m heading to ThrillerFest soon with the agenda of meeting more agents to help get these books into print. As well, I get the opportunity to sit in classes with master thriller writers like Steve Berry, David Morrell (Rambo series…), Michael Connelly and more. If you’re going to learn to write, learn from those that do.

Check out my website. I’ll be posting more updates and excerpts.


– Peppi