ThrillerFest – Author Kathy Reichs

Posted: July 20, 2015 in Writing
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Well, she’s certainly more than just an author. She is herself, an accomplished forensic anthropologist. She is an author. She is the producer of the hit show ‘Bones’. She was also a professor of anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

She’s written two academic books and 19 novels. Where does she find the time?
As I’ve learned over the years, you don’t find time to write. You make time to write.


ThrillerFest is a great venue to listen to and on occasion meet these spectacular authors. I had the opportunity to listen to her speak on several panels and found her very cordial, funny, and with an under current of extreme intelligence.

It was certainly a pleasure getting to meet her. My wife and I have enjoyed the show ‘Bones’ for many years now. And as I had the chance to tell her, I like coming away from entertainment where I feel I learned something. Her shows and books, although very dramatic and character/conflict driven, still teach us little known facts about forensic anthropology. And I like that. I don’t just want to be entertained. I need to come away with something other than ‘wow – glad the main character survived – again’.

All in all, I’d have to say that after hearing what she has to say and meeting her, I’m probably an even bigger fan. The show ‘Bones’ has not re-signed for next season. Yet. And they neatly wrapped up most every story line in the ongoing saga. But her books will continue to come out and we can enjoy what she has to say for a long time.

Check her out:
Kathy Reichs

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