Free download Friday!

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Writing

Book sales are going very well. So I thought I’d try an experiment with price elasticity. Download The Carrington Event for FREE today.

The print version has turned out to be more popular than I expected. I cannot give the print version away (damn those fixed costs). But I can run promotions on the digital version. So let’s see what happens when I give it away for FREE.

The Carrington Event

The Carrington Event


What if a biologist has to team up with the wife he just cheated on to escape a deadly game of scientific espionage?


James Randall Parker is a synthetic biologist who has heard enough at a conference in Rome. He’s now sure that no one else has implemented artificial DNA into humans like he has. But out of the lab and out of the U.S. for the first time, he’s not prepared for the gauntlet of dynamic personalities that want to steal his work.

His world is quickly turned upside down when he’s seduced by a beautiful spy and embroiled in a deadly game of scientific espionage that he learns is driven by a secret underground society known as the Nexus.

Now Jim Parker must team up with the wife he just cheated on, a busy executive with a secret of her own, as they evade the far reaching influence of the Nexus, stomping around some of Italy’s most ancient and storied cities. But when the Nexus assassin tasked with finding and killing him discovers an oddity in his past that ties him to her own broken life, does she become an ally or motivated enemy?

The Carrington Event will take you on a thrill ride of adventure shadowed by a hidden solar catastrophe that will disrupt world order within the next 48 hours…

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