Why I love and hate and love Twitter

Posted: February 14, 2015 in Writing
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I’m punching this blog out on my phone, so bear with me.

As an author, indie or traditional, it’s extremely helpful to have a strong social media spine to your business plan. My first goal was to learn to write good enough to have something worthy to sell. I never intended to be on the bottom of the indie or traditional slush pile just to call myself an author. I want to write good books. Good stories.

Once I was comfortable with my work, I began navigating the social media ocean. I was never really interested in tweeting. It’s a twist on the publish/subscribe model with tiny messages. Whatever. But I knew it was important. Through my initial discovery I met many interesting and like minded authors. I’ve even purchased quite a few eBooks based solely on what I found on Twitter. Then I started to love It. Really cool.

One of the next steps was to start growing my followers list. You follow people in the same vein, post good messages and hopefully people will follow you. Sometimes it was just a numbers game. Click, click, click. Type something, anything, and watch your numbers grow. It gets silly at this point. So many times you follow or tweet without caring. The followers list was all that mattered. That’s when I hate Twitter. I hate when it’s just a game.

But something changed. I’ve been busy with the final edits of my book, training for American Ninja Warrior, and everything in between without getting time to blog. I cringe at this because I know it slows my site traffic. Nonetheless, I checked my traffic to see how bad it was.

I was shocked.

Traffic was good. Many new blog followers. How? Why?


Twitter followers were kind enough to visit. Kind enough to peruse my content. Kind enough to follow. I was back to loving Twitter again.

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