The New Year Resolutionists – Uggh

Posted: January 10, 2015 in Writing

I’m quite a fitness fanatic. I love playing sports and I love training to play my sports better. It’s just flat out fun. (will be posting my American Ninja Warrior submission tape soon…)

So every time I go to the gym in January and February, I find it filled with new faces. The faces of this year’s crop of New Year’s Resolutionists. The gym is usually a little more packed than usual and you have to maneuver between people re-learning what to do.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great to see people getting back in shape. I always think good of them. What frustrates me is watching them fall off over the next few weeks or months. By spring, I pretty much see the same old faces. The same group of people that endure the cold, the heat, the early, early mornings.

And in all reality, I really do wish more of the New Year Resolutionists would stay. To see newcomers add to the energy in the room. To see that they really do care about their health.

Yes. You knew this was coming around to writing sooner or later. New Year’s Resolutionists could pertain to writers too. To see all the people sitting down at their laptops – this is going to be the year I write that book! Or finish that project. Or something in the writing vein. If we didn’t have new writers, the train would slow down. We wouldn’t be pushing the genre to new heights. How many times do you sit down and watch a movie on TV and wonder, when are they going to come up with something new?

Well, it’s not up to someone else. It’s up to you. Or us. Or whoever wakes up in the morning and wants to do something new. To the person who just can’t stand walking by the book aisle in the supermarket because they know their book isn’t there – yet. Because they haven’t finished the book they’ve been chewing on for the last few years.

Don’t be a short-lived resolutionist. Be a dedicated writer, willing to challenge your own fears and weaknesses and create something that’s never been done before.

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