Clinical death…

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Writing
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I tapped into a few articles from Science Daily and wondered what kind of stories I could twist them into.
In one article (dated about a year ago, but still pertinent), researchers found high levels of brain activity during the early stages of clinical death. This was in parallel to the “near death experiences” we’ve all read or heard about. But what if we found that this activity was sort of like the shutting down of a computer. It had to clean up a few processes and make itself ready for the next phase. And most especially, we don’t know what that phase is. But we do know that those people whose brains don’t get to shut down properly don’t go there. How sad that would be. So sad in fact that death by head trauma or anything that causes the brain not to finish its shutdown becomes the worst criminal offense. Laws are changed. Society is changed. Why? Because it’s one thing to take a person’s life, but another to kill them forever…

Here are two articles I read that helped lean me into this story idea.
Check ’em out: Electrical signatures of consciousness in the dying brain
Near-death experiences? Results of the world’s largest medical study of the human mind and consciousness at time of death

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