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Posted: October 1, 2014 in Writing
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Practical advice to help build better books…

In Joanna Penn’s How to Market a Book, I stumbled upon one of the more interesting links she provides in the body. It had to do with professional book cover design. I knew that I would be getting to this point sooner or later, knowing I’ll probably start with the e-book route, but I had no idea how good e-book covers (and most especially how bad e-book covers) look.
The link below takes you to a great site constructed by Joel Friedlander, an author and an award-winning book designer.
Among some other great content he posts, he provides a monthly e-book cover design awards section. This was a really great idea and helped me look at various forms of great work, noting who the designer was. It’s a great way to skim through a list of preferred art.
Check it out:
The Book Designer

You can also follow Joel on Twitter (amongst other media forms) @jfbookman

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