David Baldacci

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Writing
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Peppi Vecchio
Okay. Enough already. I have to talk about the guy who really started it for me. You see I was sketching out something in the lines of a techno-thriller and struggling quite a bit. I hadn’t read a good author in who knows when, and then the exact kind of thriller genre book I needed came from a familiar source, my mom. She said to try this guy, and she handed me a paperback of David Baldacci’s First Family. I was completely sucked in within the first few pages. To date I’ve read most everything he’s written.
What he did for me was make me realize you could write with a very easy and relaxed style, not so laden with descriptions that you wear our your adjective source and still paint a vivid picture and tell a thrilling story. Besides, he made it look easy. Of course, I realized since then that it is not easy to create such wonderful pieces of work, but I endeavor to do so.
Equally impressive is his starting The Wish You Well Foundation which is focused on supporting family literacy. It’s a great cause.
We had hoped to see him at ThrillerFest in NY this past year, but he could not make it. Crossing fingers that he makes it next year.
Check him out:
David Baldacci
The Wish You Well Foundation

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