Science and Technology….and Misadventure

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Science and Technology
Peppi Vecchio

Peppi Vecchio

Ahhhh. All the fun of science and technology. I grew up reading many Isaac Asimov books and was astounded at how he looked at the current science and tech of the day and put them into everyday use. Plastic contact lenses first came out in the late 1940’s. When he published the famed Caves of Steel in the early 1950’s, he was writing about a society that used them quite regularly. Like we do today. It was amazing foresight.

Today, technology doesn’t creep into our lives, it jumps! So I look at a landslide of innovative breakthroughs and see how they would affect us in the near future. Not nearly as prolific as Mr. Asimov, but certainly just as fun.

My name is Peppi Vecchio. Follow me as I publish bits and pieces of my current two books, Genetic Impulse and The Carrington Event. Characters and adventure all wrapped in a neat world of rapidly changing S & T. Change is certainly on the way…

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