Lee Child

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Writing
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Lee Child’s character Jack Reacher is unbelievably successful. So much so that little Tom Cruise wanted to play the six foot five inch unstoppable juggernaut against evil.
It was great meeting Lee. His ultra candidness was refreshing. It’s like meeting the Simon Cowell of the book business. I found it completely invigorating.
Funny note: He was very obliging for an autograph in my FaceOff book – written by many of the authors that are members of ITW (International Thrill Writers) and present at the conference – I joked with him an apology that I wasn’t a beautiful woman putting my arm around him. He smiled and said “yes. that would have been much better.”
So blunt. Unapologetic, but yet it’s funny. It doesn’t feel crass when he says it. It is what it is. And I could appreciate his humor and wit.
Lee Child
Lee_ChildMe and Lee

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