ThrillerFest IX

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Writing

Peppi VecchioIf memory serves, IX is the roman numeral for 9. Good for me. Nine is my favorite number.

The ThrillerFest conference this year features another amazing line-up of writers who teach and talk about the craft, the business and the pulse of the thriller/suspense writing genre. Last year I sat in on several of Steve Berry’s lectures and learned so much I could hardly contain myself. This year, I not only get to sit in on his classes, but I joined a MasterCraft session that will be taught by the incomparable David Morell (writer of the Rambo series). I sat in one of his groups last year and came out inspired. This year, I get to sit with him for a full day – with only 9 other budding writers (theme of 9?). He will line edit the beginning of my work for Genetic Impulse. So I hope to have an impressive revision posted before I return.

ThrillerFest features writers like Michael Connelly, Steve Berry, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Scott Turow….the list is daunting.

If you’ve never attended or even heard of ThrillerFest, it’s in the heart of NY and can be found here:

– Peppi Vecchio

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